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Enzymes for Poultry, Swine, Aqua & Ruminant’s

Enzymes for Poultry, Swine, Aqua & Ruminant’s


Name of Product Pack Specification Presentation Application
Phytase 25 Kg Powder Phytase enzyme used for reducing DCP addition to feed and triggers the additional release of Ca, Mg and other trace Minerals from the feedstuff.
RossComp 25 Kg Powder A specially designed cocktail enzyme mixture for Layers, Broilers, Breeders and swine for improving the digestibility of feed, better FCR, No. of eggs, Weight of egg, Shell thickness, Weight gain and dropping consistency (Litter quality) leading to cleaner eggs.
Cellulase 25 Kg Powder The use of cellulase enzyme in the animal feed industry is to break down the complex molecules of cellulose into more digestible components of Single and multiple sugars.
Xylanase 25 Kg Powder Xylanase digests high molecular weight arabinoxylans in animal feed& it breaks down insoluble cell wall material of cereals and liberates extra nutrients making it freely available to the animal. The degradation of Soluble NSP improves nutrient diffusion in the Gastro Intestinal Tract.
Amylase 25 Kg Powder which digest starch into small segments of sugars and further into soluble Sugar themselves.
Protease 25 Kg Powder which splits up protein into their components Amino acid building block.
Pectinase 25 Kg Powder Pectinase enzyme digests the pectin components of Cell wall converting them to polygalacturonic acid in a more digestible form.
Glucanase 25 Kg Powder This enzyme breaks down beta-glucans present in Wheat and barley diets to Increase energy utilization and reduce sticky droppings in birds.
Lipase 25 Kg Powder Acts on triglycerides converts FFA and glycerol

Note: Higher concentrated Phytase available on customer request. Available in powder form/Granular.

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